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Violation / No violation - Are we blind???

Hi folks.

	Hmm, it smells burnt here... So much flaming here... I guess I will not
have to watch Jerry Springer to see a fight after all...

	It seems that many forget that to err is human, and that we know who sent
the signal, they did not willfully sent SSTV to jam anything, and if there
is something you feel is wrong, you can phone/email/write/talk to mention
this. At least, they are not pirates using stolen radios willfully jamming
authorized stations.

	THEY are doing us a favor. We are using their expensive time, power, rocket
fuel, and they let us use the Mir for experiments. In the balance, WE owe
them something, don't you think? If I was a cosmonaut and was reading this
SIG, I would toss the equipment out of the closest airlock.

	All this for something probably new to them (new equipment), as well as
many of us, and we thank them how???

	I guess this is the world I am stuck in...

			Martin VE2MRX

Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

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