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Re: [amsat-bb] Packet, SSTV, Voice....etc on MIR

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On Tue, 15 Dec 1998 17:52:09 -5, KB8TJX wrote:

>1. Run SSTV on the 145.xxx freq.  ( new mode for alot of folks, easier 
>dopler compensation)
>2. Move MIR packet to 70cm simplex  ( packeteers get enhanced 
>challenge....more dopler correction)

No! Let's make it *real fun.. inverting skeds - every xxx hours, flip
the two stations. Packet goes to 440, SSTV takes the 145, then xxx
hours later, flip 'em back! Give everyone a challenge eventually, and I
think it would make mir more fun. 

(Figgure at a schedule of a week, say, unless it can be done
automatically, which then it could be as little as 6 hours?)
>3. Retain 'old' SAFEX II  system/frequencies and TURN IT ON ! 
>4. See if SAFEX can operate and co-exist with simplex packet on 70cm?

I cannot comment, as I'm not aware what SAFEX is/was.. 

>I think these would be excellent 'trials' that may be useful in determining 
>how to do amateur radio on the ISS in the not so distant future...

I think the flipping channels idea would be even better - give everyone
chances to work both modes.. Just about every ham I know has a 2 meter
setup.. Not everyone has 440. If the frequency's Internationally
coordianted as MIR's, does it matter what mode it's being transmitted

--- May Peace and love be yours,
Poohbear/Brendan Keyport
poohbear@poohbear.net (Admin)

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