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I seem to have opened a hornet's nest1

1 Broadly  I agree with the guy who said "I don't care whether they use VHF
UHF or what the f..." This is a great showcase for amateur radio, I've just
had the local paper into my shack - people out there are really excited
that you can get pictures from space!

2 I'm sorry that there was a prior arrangement and some people for some
reason I know not what are upset about it. But I'm not involved in this
war. I'm just a consumer. I don't know or care what angst lies behind these
emails. I don't take sides. I just want to see the pix.

3 I do think that it makes sense to put the sstv on 2m for at least some of
the time. I say this for 2 reasons: a) that the doppler is less on 2m and
this is quite significant for those of us without auto tuning rigs,
particularly in the geographical posution that I'm in; (b) here in europe
we have a whole lot of alligators who have totally dominated the pms for
months back. I did work Mir pms on 70 cms in late summer 97, largely
because of a lack of ground station qrm. But I live at 51.5 degrees N so
mostly Mir is south of me i.e. I have no overflights. Call it selfish if
you like but I can't work the pms on 2m anyway with current european
traffic, didgi all the time etc..So why not move the pms to a frequency
which is more technically exacting and let we drongos just receive the

4 I'd like to see a compromise,like someone said why not mode share the
frequency. What's the problem? Live and let live.

andy G0SFJ
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