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Re: SSTV not in violation

Gentlemans rules are not CFRs and technically don't apply, and why
complain about one signal being tested where it won't be ulimately used
when the HAM bands are full of well documented PIrates and foul mouthed
jerks who the FCC has names address and documentation of yet won't do
anything and the HAMs refuse to self police anymore?  Is this just
another way of the loud mouths trying to get attention?  The kind of HAMs
who take credit for everything every one else does?  The ones who bring
politics in and destroy clubs?  It sure is!  Aside from CW, any mode may
be used anywhere in any HAM band for any lenght of time.  Everything else
is just "gentlemans agreement".  The gentlemen know this and are not
shotting their mouths off.  Technically, refering to the Code of Federal
Regulations, there is NO violation.  Aside from this, though I cannot
decode the images currently, and taking 2m into accuont technically, I
hope they test it here often, and eventually pull the strings to make it
"official".  440 is a great band, and big, but when it comes to satellite
commuinications other than geostationary satellites, it was a poor



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On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:53:28 -0800 (PST) "B Keyport"
<poohbear@poohbear.net> writes:
>On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:24:47 -0600, John R. Moore wrote:
>>At the possibility of being flamed, I find the SSTV very interesting 
>>apparently from the amount of
>>email traffic generated here so do a lot of others.  Please lets just 
>>them get the bugs out of their
>>procedures.  Besides what is the Violation exactly, I haven't 
>researched the
>>international rules but I dont believe
>>it is in violation of any rule in the U. S.
>The "violation" is frequency coordination..... One thing that was
>hammered into me, was that although frequency coordination is a
>voluntary effort, people will get all bent if it is not followed.
>Gentleman's rules and all that... 
>As far as I'm concerned, as long as the previous users of that
>frequency don't mind (was it MIR?) -- I don't care a short, but
>beneficial use of the band.
>According to the FCC rule book I have, the entire band is ruled mixed
>mode (CW, RTTY, DATA, MCW, _TEST_ , phone and image), except for a
>small section of CW only... That's the only "rule". 145.80-146.00 is
>OSCAR (satellite) -- per 'typical operation' (ARRL band plans) 
>Given these facts, I can only conclude that I see no "violation" of 
>rules. Bending of the voluntary band plan for a bit of testing that's
>satellite related. There is NO violation of any rules, at least at FCC
>Per: The FCC Rule Book, 10th edition. 
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