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 The follow info is from a NASA news letter:

"Scattered to broken clouds and no rain showers are predicted for Kennedy
Space Center at landing time. If the forecast holds, Entry Flight Director
John Shannon will give the green light to fire Endeavour's twin braking
rockets at 8:47 p.m. Central time. The deorbit burn will slow the shuttle by
349 feet per second, allowing it to descend back to Earth. Landing is
scheduled at 9:54 p.m. Central time on runway 3-3 at the Shuttle Landing
Facility to complete a 4.6-million-mile mission, the 10th night landing in
shuttle program history."

Does anybody know the path that the shuttle will take on the landing
approach.  And if so, from what states will one be able to see the re-entry.

Dwain G. Andras

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