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Re: sstv in violation

Rob Neff wrote:

> Hello!
> I have to agree with Victor. Even though they (were) not on the
> frequency originally agreed to, I find that the incredible interest this
> has sparked in SSTV and Amateur Radio in general more than outweighs
> some inconvenience a few packet operators *may* have experienced. For
> goodness sake, with as long as the PMS has been on Mir, a few days is
> nothing.
> FYI, these past few days has generated interest in 5 new people in my
> area. All scanner listeners. Gave them some software and made some patch
> cables and viola! Prospective hams! They're out buying study guides.

AGREED !!! I posted on our local community server and got 8 responses, 5
from teenagers, that are setting up their stations ... I bet that most of
them will become HAMS...

> My thanks for the efforts made by Miles and the crew!

Tremendous idea ... thanks from me also... also to the Russians and the
cosmonauts and all others who had a hand in this ... it is the best thing to
happen to spark interest since the shuttle first carried 2 M.

> My thanks also goes to WA6LIE and N6CO for their continued services with
> respect to MIREX.

Agreed !!

John K0UWT

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