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Re: sstv in violation


I have to agree with Victor. Even though they (were) not on the
frequency originally agreed to, I find that the incredible interest this
has sparked in SSTV and Amateur Radio in general more than outweighs
some inconvenience a few packet operators *may* have experienced. For
goodness sake, with as long as the PMS has been on Mir, a few days is

FYI, these past few days has generated interest in 5 new people in my
area. All scanner listeners. Gave them some software and made some patch
cables and viola! Prospective hams! They're out buying study guides.

My thanks for the efforts made by Miles and the crew!

My thanks also goes to WA6LIE and N6CO for their continued services with
respect to MIREX.

Best 73 all,

Merry Christmas!

Rob Neff (N7ORY)
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