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Re: MIR SSTV twice today

Not knowing, I'll ask:  Who coordinates these things internationally?

Seems there's suddenly a great widespread interest in the SSTV pictures now that they're working so well, less doppler problem on 2 meters, and only intermittent "one-at-a-time" use of the Mir TNC mailbox due to the inefficiencies of the "connected protocol".  Wouldn't it be of more benefit to more users to leave the SSTV on 2 meters?
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73, Cap KE6AFE

At 03:02 PM 12/10/98 -0500, Ron Parise wrote:
>At 11:57 12/13/98 -0500, Andy Thomas wrote:
>>My vote would be to keep the sstv on 2m.
>Unfortunately it is not up to us to vote on where the sstv should
>go. All amateur space-to-ground communications must be coordinated
>both in frequency and mode. The SSTV experiment was coordinated for
>437.975MHz. There has been no agreement for transmitting sstv on 
>145.985MHz, only voice and packet. 
>Hopefully the Mir crew will avoid any international arguments and
>move the sstv activity to its negotiated frequency.
>Ron, wa4sir
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