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SSTV in Violation

MIREX had a talk with Sergej this last Saterday
to explain that SSTV was on 145.985 and was not suppose to
be on this freq, Sergej said that this was only a test and would
ONLY last 2 days  [ DONE TESTING BY SUNDAY 12-13-98 ]
as Miles wanted a lot of hams to be able to see SSTV.

I was NOT to happy to see that SSTV was STILL on 145.985
this last pass [ 18:08 UTC Monday ]. This is in Direct
violation of the teams Miles made with Sergej and to have
SSTV on 145.985 is also a violation  with the agreement
made to have SSTV on 430.
If Miles "is" the Sysop of the SSTV project , then he needs
to tell the crew to change freq's to were SSTV is suppose to
be ASAP.
MIR PMS Sysop.
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