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Re: Don't send images to the mailing list

At 11:11 AM 12/13/98 -0800, Paul Williamson wrote:

>If you have an SSTV image you captured from Mir, please don't
>send it to the mailing list.  These image files are too large to send
>to 1600+ mailboxes without invitation.
>The mailing list software will prevent any message above a certain
>size from going out to the mailing list without manual approval.
>That's why you haven't seen any images on the list.
>If you wish to share an image, or anything large and/or non-textual,
>the best way is for you to post it on the web somewhere and then
>send a short (text!) message to the mailing list announcing the URL.
>Several of you have already done that, and I thank you for your
>courtesy and for the opportunity to see the pictures from Mir!
>73  -Paul
>AMSAT.ORG Mailing list maintainer

I remember very well the days when this list would send out more spam,
subscribe and unsubscribe messages, and complaints about them than on topic

I would like to congratulate you on the positive changes that you have made
to the list.  I appreciate your efforts very much and feel that you deserve
a pat on the back.

Thank you...

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS            
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