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Don't send images to the mailing list


If you have an SSTV image you captured from Mir, please don't
send it to the mailing list.  These image files are too large to send
to 1600+ mailboxes without invitation.

The mailing list software will prevent any message above a certain
size from going out to the mailing list without manual approval.
That's why you haven't seen any images on the list.

If you wish to share an image, or anything large and/or non-textual,
the best way is for you to post it on the web somewhere and then
send a short (text!) message to the mailing list announcing the URL.
Several of you have already done that, and I thank you for your
courtesy and for the opportunity to see the pictures from Mir!

73  -Paul
AMSAT.ORG Mailing list maintainer

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