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Mir SSTV Staus 12/11/98

Hi everyone
The Kenwood/Tasco MAREX SSTV system is still in a testing phase.
The crew has confirmed the frequency 437.975 FM Simplex 5 watts.
Confirmed power and Auto imaging status:  It selects a new image every two
And all of the cables have been tested.
The PMS 2-meter side has been connected and enabled so we have working
packet on 145.985 FM Simplex.

The reason we have not heard SSTV is because there were one too many
pass band filters were installed during the antenna cable setup.
The setup is very complex because we have two radios sharing one antenna.
A whole bunch of filters and splitters were  installed to allow both radios
to run
at the same time.
As it turns out, there was an extra filter stuck onto the 70cm sstv line
which is blocking the 70cm signal.
I have talked to both the engineers at Energia and on Mir and we are
working (as time permits)
to remove the extra filter.

The 2-meter pms is not affected and is back on line.

SSTV signals could start as early as today.
Who will be the first to hear the SSTV signals???

Good Luck.


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