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Re: [amsat-bb] TDRS

At 11:05 12/05/98 EST, James B Sibley wrote:
>Can someone please send me the Downlinks of the TDRS's? 

NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) is intended only
for communications by NASA with their satellites. It is not a broadcast
service and does not operate in the same frequency bands as commercial
satellites. The downlink antenna has a very small beam size and is aimed
at the TDRSS ground terminal at the White Sands Complex (WSC) in New Mexico.
Unless you lived in that area you would not be able to pick it up anyway. 
The next problem is that the downlink is a 50Mb/s pn spread signal that is
very wide. Even if you lived near WSC, had an appropriate receiver, and a
very large dish, the spread spectrum characteristics of the signal would
probably prevent you from even detecting any signal.

Having said all that it turns out that there is a standard Westar commercial
transponder package on each of the TDRSS satellites. These transponders 
were not turned on for years. It appears from another persons post that
that has changed. The communications through these transponders is not NASA
related however. They serve a totally separate commercial function.


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