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>On Sat, 05 Dec 1998 11:05:23 EST compute-x@juno.com (James B Sibley) 
>>Can someone please send me the Downlinks of the TDRS's? 

On Sat, 05 Dec 1998 14:27:13 EST kc7vdg@juno.com (K. Rudolph) writes:
>I would like this information as well.
>Amateur Radio Stations KC7VDG/KQ6NG
>Monitor Station Registry KCA6ABB
>Based In Nevada, United States Of America

Large Dish C-Band/Ku-Band Television/Radio with over 700 free channels
now is my other hobby.  One of the best internet URLs for all
geosynchronous communication satellites around the world which answers
the question above is "www.lyngsat.com".  

TDRS 6 at 47.0 Degrees West can be accessed off of
"www.lyngsat.com/america.shtml".  This satellite is below the horizon for
me in California USA, thus unavailable.

TDRS 5 at 174.3 Degrees West can be accessed via
"www.lyngsat.com/asia.shtml".  I haven't been successful yet in pulling
off any signals with an analog receiver from this satellite.  If somebody
is let me know.

Click on the satellites to go to their respective links which includes
downlink frequencies and polarity among other information.

For additional technical info which you will probably want, click on "TSE
- Technical info" at the bottom of the individual satellite links.  Some
information there on that link is for paid subscribers, but other info is
available for free.

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