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Re: Shuttle audio??

>Brian wrote:
>> Hello...
>> I would like to know if the space shuttle can be heard via radio, now
when its
>> in orbit??
>> What freqs. are used, and is it clear audio og digital.
>> Thanks for your help..
>> 73 de OZ1SKY, Brian

If you have a reasonable antenna (like a steerable yagi) you might try
listening in on the EVA communications. That is if an EVA is occuring
while the shuttle is over your station. The EVA communications system
utilizes three frequencies, 296.8, 279.0, and 259.7MHz. The modulation
is simple AM so it is not a problem to copy (if you can hear it!) The orbiter
and each of the two space suits transmits on one of these frequencies
and listens on the other two in full-duplex mode. This allows a 3 way
conversation between the crew inside the shuttle and the crew members
outside. Since this system is only intended for local comm in and around
the payload bay, the transmitters are only 100mW (I think) and the antennas
are just a piece of wire stuffed in the backpack. 

Ron, wa4sir

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