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Re: Shuttle audio??

Brian wrote:

> Hello...
> I would like to know if the space shuttle can be heard via radio, now when its
> in orbit??
> What freqs. are used, and is it clear audio og digital.
> Thanks for your help..
> 73 de OZ1SKY, Brian

I may well not be the best one to answer this, but I'll give it a shot.  Shuttle
to ground communication is handled by a system of TDRS ( Tracking and Data Relay)
sattelites, and is not usually beamed directly from the from the shuttle to the
ground.  The TDRS system handles communications for a number of spacecraft, so
even if you could listen in on a TDRS downlink, you would have to have some way of
finding exactly which channel the shuttle voice communication is on.

As an alternative, I would suggest trying

Here, you can watch live NASA TV, and therefore listen to all shuttle to ground
communications, right off the web.  Both Netshow and Realvideo format feeds are

- David, W4HPW

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