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Re: Space station - STS88 Mission

I am currently working o na design for a recieve ONLY "eggbeater" antenna
for the 130-150 MHz range.  I hope to make it for less that $25.00 useing
all new parts.  It will be horizontal polarization at ground level, and
right hand circular off the top, most commonly used for space
communications.  Check with me often for the status.


Amateur Radio Stations KC7VDG/KQ6NG
Monitor Station Registry KCA6ABB
Based In Nevada, United States Of America

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998 19:31:00 EST kg5un@juno.com (Edward S Maikranz)
>On the same thread, can anyone suggest some simple antennas for 
>monitoring sattelite/space coms?  Turnstile, circular etc..
>I have a good receiver already so what is my next step?
>Ed Maikranz
>Abilene, Texas
>R-2000/wires, Pro-2045/discone, FRG-9600 w/HF/discone, Yupi-7100, Icom 
>On Tue, 01 Dec 1998 23:32:26 GMT kryppy@bellsouth.net (*) writes:
>>From: kryppy@bellsouth.net (*)
>>>From: "Oceans9@ibm.net" <oceans1@ibm.net>
>>>Hope this isn't too far off the topic of the list, but with the 
>>>shuttle launch for the space station module assembly, I'm wondering 
>>>anyone has an idea what freqs the space station may be allocated?
>>>I read that 138 - 143 freqs are planned, but other than the standard
>>>NASA/Shuttle freqs, have not found anyhting specific.
>>>The high inclination/orbit of both the shuttle and the station 
>>>provide excellent reception, especially during the station radio 
>>>after assembly.
>>I've also been thinking about this lately! I have a satellite 
>>program that, with a "kansas city tracker" card and a $500 Yaesu
>>rotor, can track anything up there. 
>>I wonder if with a high gain antenna mounted on there if you could
>>hear them when they are outside the ship in the suits building the
>>station. Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing. I'm
>>trying to decide if this project is worth it. 
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