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Re: [COMMO] Space station - STS88 Mission

I have heard of people using just a tabletop scanner and picking them up,
though with a setup like yours, I'd be tracking everything from
Extravehicular Communications to interstellar radiation!!!


Amateur Radio Stations KC7VDG/KQ6NG
Monitor Station Registry KCA6ABB
Based In Nevada, United States Of America

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998 23:32:26 GMT kryppy@bellsouth.net (*) writes:
>>From: "Oceans9@ibm.net" <oceans1@ibm.net>
>>Hope this isn't too far off the topic of the list, but with the 
>>shuttle launch for the space station module assembly, I'm wondering 
>>anyone has an idea what freqs the space station may be allocated?
>>I read that 138 - 143 freqs are planned, but other than the standard
>>NASA/Shuttle freqs, have not found anyhting specific.
>>The high inclination/orbit of both the shuttle and the station should
>>provide excellent reception, especially during the station radio 
>>after assembly.
>I've also been thinking about this lately! I have a satellite tracking
>program that, with a "kansas city tracker" card and a $500 Yaesu
>rotor, can track anything up there. 
>I wonder if with a high gain antenna mounted on there if you could
>hear them when they are outside the ship in the suits building the
>station. Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing. I'm
>trying to decide if this project is worth it. 
>Submissions milcom@qth.net

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