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Re: Equipment for working MIR

	Dear Claudio Martins,

	I am using a Baycom Modem and software (Baycom17, TSTHOST, GP or TNCEMU) I
use the 1st with I find in my computer. The hardware is:

	a 286;
	a FT480 Yaesu - 10W/1W
	a J-pole antenna with RG-58U (10m)
	a Baycom Modem (of corse)

	In Field or in my car, I use a 1/4 wave antenna, a FT-208 Yaesu, Baycom
modem and a 386 sx Notebook.

	I only have problems when other operators connect with direcional antenna
and 100W only to connect or check how many time can connect in a window. I
just check and send messages or use unproto transmition for test.

	73, Joaquim das Virgens - PS7JN

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