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Re: Is RS-15 still working?

>Sorry if this type of message doesn't belong here, but I don't know where
>else to send it.
>I have recently tried to work RS-15, but have not heard anything, either
>from a beacon or from my attempt at uplinking on 145.880 SSB.
>Does anyone know the status of it, and whether or not it is possibly
>switched off over South Africa, as is the case with AO-27?
>Ray (ZS6RSW)

I just caught the last pass of the day for this area about an hour ago.

Right now it is about 45 minutes ahead of MIR.  You can download the MIR
SatTrack Contact Schedule for just about any area of the world from:


The MIR contact schedule works well if you keep in mind that RS-18
has greater drag so is decaying faster than MIR.  If MIR is not boosted
in its orbit it will come down sometime in March.  RS-18 started from a
pretty low orbit.  I almost wonder if it will re-enter before the
batteries run out.

Using MIR to calculate when RS-18 will come over works so well because
although the orbit is decaying it will not stray that far from MIR's
basic orbit unless they do a burn to change it.  If the shuttle were to
expend all its fuel after acheiving orbit it could only change the orbit
my 3 degrees.  So launching a small sat by hand is not going to change the
orbit much.

I leave my IC-271A on all the time and catch it sometimes when the contact
sched does not show.  In fact that is happening right now!!

0:33 local time in Payson, Utah USA 11-30-98

That may be due to the fact that I am 70 miles south of Salt Lake City,
the closest place the Sat Track program has for my location.

BTW there is a visible code in the schedule you download.  You can go out and
watch MIR early in the morning or at dusk!!!

Good luck,

Steve NV7V
L1, ASE Master Auto
Utah Smog and Safety Cert.
Senior Technician
Japanese Auto Service
Orem, Utah
Extra Class Amateur Radio Licensee
Senior Member Utah County Sheriff's Communications Auxiliary Team
Communications director Timpanogas Emergency Response Team
ARRL member
W5YI-VE Contact VE

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