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Re: SAREX 15th Anniversary

Frank H. Bauer wrote:
> Amateur Space Enthusiasts:
> 15 years ago today, astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL, was launched into space
> on STS-9.  He brought along the first amateur radio station on a
> crew-tended space vehicle.  Thousands heard Owen's downlink and hundreds
> had a direct QSO with him.

It must have been something unique, to participate on the beggining of 
a new age in amateur space comunications! 
Unfortunatly I wasn't even an amateur at the time, but everytime I see
the video about that mission, I get thrilled by it! 
I only knew about SAREX many years later (in 1992), but since then
and everytime a SAREX mission is on space, my life changes. 
Suddenly my daily sked is rulled by shuttle orbits, 
and I have only one thing in my mind: do a voice/packet qso 
with an astrounaut! And when I'm able to do it, it's fantastic!
I can easly say SAREX already gave me one of the best moments of my
not only of my amateur life, but of *ALL* my life! 
To all who worked to make it possible, MANY THANK'S

>  We are currently on the threshold of installing
> a permanent amateur radio station on ISS.
> On behalf of the SAREX Working Group and as a US Delegate to the Amateur
> Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program, I look forward
> the continued cooperation of all the international partners that comprise
> ARISS as we jointly forge a new, exciting future for amateur radio in space.

I can't wait for that day :) Meanwhile may I propose something: 
a (simple) trophy, to the first station who make a voice qso with ISS. 
The prize will be a bottle of Oport Wine, 1985 year (it's the best 
VINTAGE year close to 1st SAREX mission date), and will be given by me. 
In fact I already bought it, so I only need the lucky one adress to send
Good luck everybody!

and please keep on doing the outstanding job you've done so far!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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