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SAREX 15th Anniversary

Amateur Space Enthusiasts:

15 years ago today, astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL, was launched into space
on STS-9.  He brought along the first amateur radio station on a
crew-tended space vehicle.  Thousands heard Owen's downlink and hundreds
had a direct QSO with him.

Since that time 15 years ago we, the internationally-based human
spaceflight amateur radio community, have done some pretty tremendous
things for amateur radio and for education.  I want to take this
opportunity to thank and to congratulate the hundreds of volunteers around
the world who have taken the dream that was shared by Owen, the ARRL,
AMSAT-NA and NASA and turned it into a reality that has benefited the
world-wide community of radio amateurs as well as students in classrooms.
Through your efforts, we have amateur radio stations that have flown on all
Space Shuttles and on Mir.  We are currently on the threshold of installing
a permanent amateur radio station on ISS.  

On behalf of the SAREX Working Group and as a US Delegate to the Amateur
Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program, I look forward
the continued cooperation of all the international partners that comprise
ARISS as we jointly forge a new, exciting future for amateur radio in space.


Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA, V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
SAREX Working Group
US Delegate, ARISS
Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
E-mail:  ka3hdo@amsat.org

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