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>I have tried all I have found on the net, not many, around two dozen 
>so, and NONE, absolutely NONE have worked, neither I or anyone I know
>could make them work, the same goes for all freeware APRS, and high 
>CW programs.  After two years of living in HAM radio freeware HELL, I
>found the fastest and easiest way to get something to work comes from 
>sources only, build it yourself, or buy a commercial decoder!  I 
>the Tigertronics BP-2m it costs $70 and I use it daily.  It supports
>abuot 30 modes, and has so-far had a 100% SUCCESS RATE.  It supports
>ROBOT 72, and may run this 36 someone mentioned with tweaking.  By the
>way, WHAT IS this robot 36?  I haven't heard of that one yet.  If 
>sends me the parameters, I can try to put it into the BP-2m and see 
>Amateur Radio Stations KC7VDG/KQ6NG
>Monitor Station Registry KCA6ABB
>Based In Nevada, United States Of America

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