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Re: Pending Mir AR Projects: Nov 24, 1998

Allen Emer wrote:
> Since the December SSTV date is approaching, how about including some
> information on what we need to do to decode the SSTV pictures. Every week
> you send the same announcements and I keep looking for some more specific
> recieving information. It would be nice if more of us were ready when they
> start sending.

I guess the only info missing is the starting date!
Beside that you have all info: frequency and sstv mode!
What else do you need??? 

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. I supouse everybody knows you will need to a SSTV decoder 
     (hardware and software) and to correct the doppler. Although I'm 
     not familiar with that particular mode, I guess a Hamcomm modem 
     plus JVFAX/GSPCH software will be a good/cheap choice! 
     Any other idea???

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