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Re[2]: Spoutnik 41 QSL, Verification

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If you sent you disapontment to fr5co I am not sure that you will receive an 

answer. The right call is fr5cY.

I am very disapointed that Sergej didn' t sent yet an answer  making at 
500 ham upset.
He told me in september that he will do it after RS18

Send a request to AMSAT-F and I promiss that you will receive one.


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Objet : Re: [sarex] Spoutnik 41 QSL, Verification
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Date :    16/11/98 19:39

>ps, Sputnik RS-17 last  November had over 700 SWL cards sent out. >Lets try 

for more for this bird RS-18.
Miles and others,
RS-17 may have had that many cards sent but they were not all replied, for 
I sent 3 cards, one each for AP2NK & myself and a letter from my son's high 
school class duly signed by their class teacher and verified by me (I 
supplied a scanner and the AOS time) that they heard RS-17 as part of a 
science project . Being only 14 the kids were all excited about how they 
were going to get a certificate which they would present to their principal, 

get a mention in the newsletter etc. etc.
I enclosed 3 SAE's plus 4 IRC's to cover postage for 3 cards. What I got 
back in my envelope was a card for AP2NK, nobody else. Since then I have 
sent no less than 5 emails to the head of the project FR5CO explaining the 
situation and asking that at least the kids' card/certificate be sent, 
without so much as the courtesy of a reply. I offered to send another SAE 
plus postage, whatever was needed but to no avail.
It is easy to guess the kid's reaction when I told him that RS-18 was in the 

air, had digitized speech and SWL cards would be sent: "Hah! Who cares!". 
Having had to eat a lot of crow before his classmates I don't blame him.
No doubt AMSAT France will do a better job of QSL-ing but for one high 
school class their initiation to satellite listening/ham radio has been 
disappointing to say the least.
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