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ISS Zarya (FGB) Orbital Data

I am currently attempting to get orbital data for friday's launch of the
International Space Station (ISS) Zarya (FGB) module.  The launch is
currently scheduled for 1998-NOV-20 06:40 UTC on a Proton booster from the
Baikonour Cosmodrome.

I used the NASA STS-88 nominal vector data to produce a "first cut" set of
orbital data (using the Shuttle "Grapple" vector).  The result appears to
have a slight time discrepency between the scheduled Shuttle launch
(1998-DEC-03 08:59 UTC) and the launch of the Proton from Baikonour at its
scheduled time.  (This discrepency is on the order of minutes -- at orbital
speeds this discrepency is definitely enough to make a big difference.)  I
am currently attempting to resolve this discrepency.

Nevertheless, I will provide at least "best guess" Keplerian and vector
orbital data for interested persons before friday's launch.  I will also be
upgrading my web page to include ISS information and orbital data.  This
will begin with a section added to the Mir page that will eventually
"evolve" into the ISS page.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me at the email address
listed below:

Ken Ernandes

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