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STS-88 Nominal OMS-2 Orbital Data

Below is the nominal OMS-2 State Vector and Keplerian Elements for 
STS-88.  The vector data comes from NASA; the Keplerian Elements 
were computed from the vector.  

This file may be read by VEC2TLE version 9648 to update your 
Keplerian Elements text file.

Vector format = 10117
Satellite Name:         STS-88
Catalog Number:         99988            
Epoch MET:                  0.03066362300
                           0/00:44:09.337 MET
EFG E:                   6222834.20000000 ft
    F:                   20628828.8000000 ft
    G:                   -4284498.9000000 ft
    Edot:                -14871.114557999 ft/s
    Fdot:                511.522485000000 ft/s
    Gdot:                -19136.096992999 ft/s
ndot/2 (drag):              0.00088239540 rev/day^2
nddt/6:                       3.23077E-08 rev/day^3
Bstar:                        6.01572E-05 1/Earth Radii
Elset #:                                1
Rev @ Epoch:                1.54001751397

Launch scheduled: 1998-DEC-03 / 08:59 UTC

Note that 99988 is a temporary catalog number.  A permanent catalog 
number and international designator will be assigned when STS-88 is 

The following Keplerian elements were computed by VEC2TLE from this
vector, and the nominal launch time using a 0.5 drag multiplier:

1 99988U          98337.40496918  .00088240  32308-7  60157-4 0    16
2 99988  51.5986 101.9490 0091367   9.9732 184.4210 16.06870063    17

Satellite: STS-88      
Catalog number: 99988
Epoch time:      98337.40496918
Element set:       1
Inclination:       51.5986 deg
RA of node:       101.9490 deg
Eccentricity:    0.0091367
Arg of perigee:     9.9732 deg
Mean anomaly:     184.4210 deg
Mean motion:   16.06870063 rev/day
Decay rate:    8.82395e-04 rev/day^2
Epoch rev:               1
Checksum:              346

VEC2TLE may be downloaded from <http://www.mindspring.com/~n2wwd>.

Ken Ernandes

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