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Re: Meteor Scatter Tonight!

At 10:04 11/16/98 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>Tonight's the night!  If you have a beam and a TNC, please join us!
>With all the media hype over the upcoming meteor shower tonight, tomorrow,
>and tomorrow night, HAM radio has an opportunity to have fun.  If you have
>a beam and a TNC, please join us on 145.79 MHz and point your beam at
>another major HAM population area somewhere 600 to 1200 miles away.

Over a period of 11 seconds I copied
23 packets from your station.  My
location is EL97sn (Vero Beach, FL).
The time stamp is UTC.

17-Nov-98  06:53:30  W3ADO-2*>FM18SX <UI>:

           ** N4AZI **
    Grid Square Locator System
   <C>1988 David C. Eanes N4AZI

            Home       Dest

  Grid      EL97SN     FM18SX
  Long     -80.45     -76.45
  Lat       27.56      38.97
  Az                   15.75
  Mile                819.46
  Km                 1318.73

I was beaming due north with a KLM-22C and
running 150 watts.  I hope you copied some
of my packets.

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS            
Internet: k4rs@amsat.org
AX.25 packet: K4RS @ N4XEO.#FTP.FL.USA.NOAM
Satellite: K4RS @ KO-23 or KO-25
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