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Re[2]: Spoutnik

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     The continus tone before the french woman voice is the temperature 
     The others beep are very bad record of RS17. But it was the only 
     available record available when we made the RS18 messages.
     For more informations see the web site:
     http://www.ccr.jussieu.fr/physio/f-bvp/    and follow the Sputnik41 
     link ( in english).

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Objet : Re: [sarex] Spoutnik
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C=FR/ a x400
Date :    11/11/98 15:10

bill miller wrote:
> Sputnik received loud and clear both audio xmsns and "beeps".  AOS 1226Z 
and LOS at 1233Z in SW coast of Florida.  Congratulations to all!
Bill and all,
I heard RS-18 on the same pass.  I heard a rather sharp series of tones 
that sounded like someone beating on an out-of-tune steel drum.  All 
other telemetry and voice announcements were as expected.  Does anybody 
know what I heard?
73, Mike
Mike Gilchrist KF4FDJ
 - P.O. Box 763 - Fort Myers, FL 33902-0763
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