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RS-18/Sputnik 41

I may not be able to get back to you.
There are no roads that lead from here
to there. So fire up your Rig!

Congradulations to all who participated,
	I woke my 15 Year Old Neighbor Boy up at 5:30 am EST
and the XYL Terri (KB2TRS), Andy and I listened in a RS-18 
Flew by. Andy thinks perhaps his Babysitting Money may be better
spent getting a Amateur Radio Station togeather than a New Electric Guitar!
;-)  Nice to see a kid with a appreciation for all the Arts!
	Hope ISS will support this type of Experiment
				73 De Leo II KB2TIY


Kenwood TM-241a

Cushcraft 9 Element Beam at 30 Degree Alt mount

Data is from April 1998 Buckmaster HamCall CD ROM

KB2TIY      T 

Leo T. Karr II
66 S Buffalo St
Hamburg, NY  14075-6241


Station Information is Based on ZIP code

County             : Erie

Hours past GMT     : -5

Latitude           : 42.713000

Longitude          : -78.82980

Grid Square        : FN02OR


1998 is the International Year of the Sputnik Program


November 11, 1998 RS-41 Passes

Time Zulu	EST		RST	ALT	Frequency

10:49:45	05:49:45	S1	   	145.815FM

10:53:15	05:53:15	S3	28 	145.815FM

10:57:00	05:57:00	S1	   	145.810FM


12:25:50	07:25:50	S5	  	145.815FM

12:26:30	07:26:30	S5	  	145.815FM

12:29:55	07:29:55	S5	44	145.815FM


November 11, 1998 R0MIR Data

Time Zulu	EST

12:27:00	07:27:00 	R0MIR-1>N8AUD

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