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Re: Sputnik18

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     Yes the first tone is a temperature beacon .
     See the web site for template.

____________________________ Separateur Reponse 
Objet : [sarex] Sputnik18
Auteur :  
AS/C=FR/ a x400
Date :    11/11/98 09:00

Sputnik18 was heard last night ( the 10th-11th of November) first time here 
in KP34VJ, Paltamo, Finland at 2359-0006 UTC. Exactly the same as Mir 
tracking time.
Signal was loud and clear, max S 9 + 5 dB.
Between the messages there is a pause about 8-10seconds.  The message 
consists of:
Sputnik "bep bep"
tune ( 5 seconds, temperature beacon ?) 
1st voice message in French (YL)
2nd voice message in English: "1998 was ..." 
3th voice message in Russian
Sputnik "bep bep"
4th voice message in French
5th voice message in English "International Space..." 
6th voice message in Russian
Sputnik "bep bep"
You can hear the same voices from:
73 de Markku
http://www.paltamo.fi/~ oh8uv/indee.html
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