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Re: shuttle burns

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From: Christopher Maness <kq6up@hotmail.com>
To: sarex@AMSAT.Org <sarex@AMSAT.Org>
Date: Friday, November 06, 1998 4:29 PM
Subject: [sarex] shuttle burns

>How much do in-flight burns affect the accuracy of shuttle keplarian
>elements? and how often should I refresh them if I'm just looking for
>visual sightings?

That depends on how big the burn is.  You get mainly an acumulating bias
between predicted and actual AOS.  You should be OK for visula sightings for
at least 12 hours following a burn.  After that, I recommend you update
them.  That's why we do 4 updates per day on the AMSAT web site and NASA
mailing list.

73, Ken N2WWD

Ken Ernandes

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