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Mir Projects

In this message that I previously sent I misrepresented the author as Dave
Larsen,  The quote came from Chris van den Berg, Sorry, my mistake.
Can anyone clarify the conflicting information about the status of the new
MIR projects?

>I am very confused...

>Dwain G. Andras

Miles Mann wrote...

>The  real exciting cargoes are the two new Amateur Radio experiments that
were delivered to the Russian Space >Station Mir.

>The Amsat-France Sputnik RS-17-2  also called Spoutnik-41 arrived on the
Russian Space Station Mir this week...
>The MAREX-NA Mir SSTV (Kenwood/Tasco) has also arrive on the Russian Space
Station Mir.

Chris van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202 wrote...
(not Dave Larsen )

>Radio-amateur equipment: TsUP reported that the mini-sputnik, almost the
same as the Sputnik-40 and the promised >gear for SSTV experiment could not
be transported to MIR with this Pr-M. Other items, for instance the
experiments >for the French- and Slovak  expeditions and a French device for
the measurement of meteorite streams had a higher >priority. 

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