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Re: RS-12

My recent observations are RS-12 is inactive except for sporatic test beacons
but  RS-13, however, is working FB in mode K.  The passband is very quiet due
to lack of signals, especially at night (no 15 m DX).  In a pass directly over
N.A. tonight (6:45 CDT), the only other station I found active was Al, XE2YVW,
up in the phone portion.  No CW stations were heard tonight, but I have heard
Tommy, AA0PW, several times recently down around 29.470.  The word just needs
to get out, especially considering we had a 4 station "pile-up" on FO-20 just
30 minutes earlier (K5VAS, KF4FDJ, and KA3JCC).  

Uplink is 21.260 - 21.300.  Downlink is 29.460 - 29.500.  Beacon is at 29.504.
I haven't been able to detect any mode A uplink functionality as of yet, but
these birds keep changing.

Jerry, K5OE
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