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Meeting Andy Thomas VK5MIR

Some may recall the flurry of media activity about Amateur Radio that I
reported after I talked to Andy on 6 June just before he left MIR.

The local TV station remembered that and contacted me to do a follow-up
with Andy who is visiting Canberra, the Capital of Australia.
We met at the QUESTACON Science and Technology Centre here today and the TV
camera came and took 8-10 minutes of footage and interview. It'll no-doubt
boil down to about 1:20 including other footage. However, there were quite
a few 'dignitaries' who were viewing askance the goings on of an

It created quite a stir and good publicity for Amateur Radio.

The fuller report is at my VK1KEP site (see URL below).

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The  human  race  has  one  really  effective weapon, and that is laughter.
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