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APRS/MIR experiment!

MIR is coming over The Eastern USA everyday now in the late afternoons
every 1.5 hours for 6 passes.  and is moving earlier about 20 minutes
every day.  The next month is the ideal time to plan on doing some APRS
SCHOOL demos or experiments via MIR.  Several schools are on.  My US Naval
Academy transmitter should be seen about once an orbit.

This is not a one-time experiment requiring a fixed schedule and only a
one chance opportunity.  It is ongoing. Just turn on a TNC and radio on
145.985 and capture what you see whenever it is convenient for you and
your school.  Just leave a radio on and a PC and let them see.  Or if you
are a school, then consider joining us.  Just make sure to put something
"schoolish" in your STATUS/POSIT packet so it is clear you are part
of the school experiment.

Remember, these are UI packets only.  Do NOT attempt any connections which
just QRM everyone...  


See daily MIR downlink files monitored in Maryland:

Or see the live linked feeds from the three internet linked ground
stations in Maryland, Madrid or Taiwan by telnetting to
port 10001.  If they are not on, you can verify your conection by
telnetting to the same system port 23 which will give you ALL aprs
traffic, not just the Satellite feed... 

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