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MIR Digi

I have been told that the MIR digi is OFF now because users are still
trying to CONNECT TO EACH OTHER instead of using the much more effecient
UI frames.  STATION-to-STATION connects via MIR digi must be avoided.

Do NOT connect to anyone but the MIR BBS if you want to use it.  If you
want to esperiment with another user and no one is logged on,  Just send a
UI frame. If you see it, then your friend did also.  It is FAR more
effecient that way.

We must some how educate users to the basics of digipeater operations that
on a satellite, attempting to CONNECT to another station via the DIGI is
about the worst thing you can do.  It will rarely be successful and it may
take DOZENS of packets and dozens of ACKS just to get ONE line through.

The effeciency of a one line CONNECTION is probably TEN times worse then
sending  the SAME one line transmitted as a UI frame!

Please if you want to experiment via the UI digi on MIR, then ONLY SEND
one or two one-line UI frames DO NOT TRY TO CONNECT TO ANYONE ELSE.  If
you want to say "Hi Joe!" then send a UI packet saying "Hi Joe".

Do Not connect (2 to 10 packets ) to get an ack (2 to 10 packets), to
establish the connection so you can send "hi joe"(2 to 10 times) to get
another ack (2 to 10 times).  Thus 8 to 40 packets to send the ONE line!
This is crazy!


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