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Re: [amsat-bb] Uplink Frequencies

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, someone asked about the UO-22, KO-23, and KO-25 
frequencies, the status of MIR freqs, and whats going on with RS-12.

I would like to ask AMSAT-BB if a *brief* weekly Email could be sent to
all subscribers that includes the *brief* status of Each bird. Something


AO-10 435.03-435.18   145.925-145.825 SSB   Intermittant
AO-16 145.90,92,94,96 437.051         PSK   Digi on for APRS on Tues
DO-17                 145.825         FM    Silent
WO-18 cameras         437.104         PSK   Silent 
LO-19 145.84,86,88,90 437.126         PSK   Digi on for testing

THis would make it much easier for me to access the birds since I would
always have the latest status of each bird and would not waste valuable
time looking for the latest status and freqs.  I am a casual operator, but
frequenctly need to give quick demo's.  As it is, it takes longer to find
the current status than to actually operate.  The status is already
published in the ANS bulletins every week, but that Email is so big, that
I cannot keep it on my Email for quick reference.

I know this would take someone to volunteer, but I think the time wouild
be well spent.  The IMPORTANT THING is that it should be BRIEF.... One
line per satellite.  If more detail is needed, it can be found in the
more wordy ANS bulletins.  But if it is limited to ONE LINE, then it can
be sent as often as any satellite status changes, and not have to wait
until the weekly bulletin.

Anyone else like to see this?  Is there a volunteer to be the clearing
house for all reports and to publish this?  I hope I am not stepping on
any toes by asking this request, but we have so many satellites, I can't
keep up... (unless I retire...) (but I do check my Email daily...)


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