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Re: [amsat-bb] Uplink Frequencies

Great idea Bob!  I always thought the bulletin currently being sent by
UoSat 2 gives a much better report on the frequncies of the birds. Your
idea of operating status AND THE MODE is great!

I wonder if we will ever hear Dove again?

It is easy for me to ask, I am not volunteering my time to keep things
going.  I know we all appreciate the work that many people do for AMSAT
and the rest of us.  A sincere thank you to all those that keep things
working and pass on information to the casual observer.

Rick  WB3CSY

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, someone asked about the UO-22, KO-23, and KO-25 
> frequencies, the status of MIR freqs, and whats going on with RS-12.
> I would like to ask AMSAT-BB if a *brief* weekly Email could be sent to
> all subscribers that includes the *brief* status of Each bird. Something
> like:
> AO-10 435.03-435.18   145.925-145.825 SSB   Intermittant
> AO-16 145.90,92,94,96 437.051         PSK   Digi on for APRS on Tues
> DO-17                 145.825         FM    Silent
> WO-18 cameras         437.104         PSK   Silent 
> LO-19 145.84,86,88,90 437.126         PSK   Digi on for testing
> etc
> THis would make it much easier for me to access the birds since I would
> always have the latest status of each bird and would not waste valuable
> time looking for the latest status and freqs.  I am a casual operator, but
> frequenctly need to give quick demo's.  As it is, it takes longer to find
> the current status than to actually operate.  The status is already
> published in the ANS bulletins every week, but that Email is so big, that
> I cannot keep it on my Email for quick reference.
> I know this would take someone to volunteer, but I think the time wouild
> be well spent.  The IMPORTANT THING is that it should be BRIEF.... One
> line per satellite.  If more detail is needed, it can be found in the
> more wordy ANS bulletins.  But if it is limited to ONE LINE, then it can
> be sent as often as any satellite status changes, and not have to wait
> until the weekly bulletin.
> Anyone else like to see this?  Is there a volunteer to be the clearing
> house for all reports and to publish this?  I hope I am not stepping on
> any toes by asking this request, but we have so many satellites, I can't
> keep up... (unless I retire...) (but I do check my Email daily...)
> bob
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