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At 02:59 PM 7/5/98 UTC, Albert K Lark wrote:
>It's a shame that MIR will be destroyed next year.  I wish it could have
>a more meaningful retirement.  What would it take to boost it out of
>Earths orbit, and into the Moon's, leaving  the radio equipment aboard,
>set up as a cross band repeater?

A larger booster than you would care to launch -- it takes most of an S-IVB
to put an Apollo LM/CSM on a lunar intercept orbit, and the LM/CSM only
weighs about 80,000 lb (in USA that's a fully loaded semi) as opposed to
the many hundreds of thousands of pounds Mir weighs (equivalent to a few
fully loaded railroad cars!) ... we're talking about something larger than
an Energiya here, and fuel weight really eats your lunch.  Sorry ..

.. not to mention that inverse-square losses at that distance would require
dishes or very long Yagis and near-radio-astronomy grade gear at the
towerhead.  Remember, PMS is only a Kenwood TM-733 .. ;-)

tnx/73 <BGB>

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