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Re: I like internet/satelite idea!!!

    Let me know where you heard about these high-speed ideas mentioned
    above? Mean of ham satellites using these high-speeds. Does it mean that
    9600 is slow for PACSAT activities? I am new here, and just thinking of
    starting OSCAR work.
				-- Misko YT7MPB

At this point, 9600 bps is fairly standard for PACSAT activities.  That may
change with TMSAT and/or Phase 3D, see:


Plans are to operate at 38.4 Kbps, which is a wider bandwidth form of the
9600 bps receiver/modem.  Hopefully, someone will figure out how to homebrew
one of these, as opposed to using a modified commercial receiver, as is
described in the 38.4K bps paper.  (Sorry, i don't have the URL with me.)
So we may be seeing progress in the digital realm.

			-- KD6PAG  ("Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie")