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Re: I like internet/satelite idea!!!


Sir Carl wrote:

 Personnaly I like the idea!  packet radio is getting outdated. even with a 56.7kbps packet modem! which is overly complex and expensive. ive heard many ideas ranging from my favorite (a ETHERNET radio network running in the GHZ) to a new 56k packet network which is already outdated. I know many hams that would love an ethernet/satelite etc. radio network that could route them into the internet quickly (into the Megabits (T1 - T3)) for access time. Doppler shift COULD  be a problem yes. BUT if so many commersial satelites already use highspeed networks why cant we? AMSAT was created for a reason, to get amatures useing space technology. The internet was made origionally to send data back and forth en-masse. AMATURES are here to have FUN!!!!!

Let me know where you heard about these high-speed ideas mentioned above? Mean of ham satellites using these high-speeds. Does it mean that 9600 is slow for PACSAT activities? I am new here, and just thinking of starting OSCAR work.

Misko YT7MPB