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Re: Flood the unsubscribers

this is asking people to spam others. i do not agree with it and 
believe that the best way to handle the problem is to use your gift 
of mail filtering. you can place the filter to delete any message 
with subscribe or unsubscribe in it and be done.

it should be treated the same way you treat unwanted mail about get 
rich quick schemes and sexually orientated matter. gosh it's so 
simple and avoids these lengthy discussions about why it shouldn't be 


> Date:          Mon, 29 Jun 1998 02:47:53 -0600
> To:            sarex@AMSAT.org
> From:          nv7v@burgoyne.com (Steven Whitehead)
> Subject:       Flood the unsubscribers

> Here is the warning.  If you send an unsubscribing message to the list
> be prepared to be politely warned by me and several hundred other
> subscribers to the list that you don't know how to read!!!
> So, avoid a flooded mailbox and read the unsubscribe instuctions that
> come in the header of every message you receive from the list.
> I won't get nasty and call you bad names.  I will remind you
> to start reading and save the messages we all receive when first
> subcribing to a list telling how to unsub and post messages.
> I guess with Mir coming down interest in the group is less so
> many are dumping the list.
> BTW thanks to AMSAT for keeping the list going.  I have really
> enjoyed it.
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