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MIR Downlink

Due to recent changes in the use of the MIR PMS, I modified my MIR LIVE
web page yesterday to capture the PMS messages and MAIL list if it sees
it.  So now you can see who has traffic on MIR.  These last 8 MIR pass
files (as monitored in Maryland) are always available on:


Hopefully this will help people check the mailbox without everyone having
to try to do it themselves and keep downloading the same MAIL list!
In the past, my capture software only was interested in COM protocol
packets to see how the channel was being used.  Now it will try to capture
any PMS message lists too.

But Now that this is working, I noticed that MIR packet activity was off
on the last few passes...   oh well

Also my LIVE feed and the feed from Madrid (EA4RJ) and Taiwan (BV1AF) can
be seen live via TELNET to port 10001 when MIR is over any
of these sites...(if the MIR packet station is on)...