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Abt: MIR and ISS amateur radio

Hi all!

After some days of message reading on the subject, I decided to write
my personal observations. 
MIR and ISS are two different object.
The first has served the amateur community for years and we have
learned some interesting lessons; the second is a project with an open
view for the future, expecially for new communication systems.
A lesson learned is the use of radio-channel.
MIR use a simple CSMA, terrestrial system, but with a big coverage,
big interest and therefore big problems for the high number of stations.
Single channel, big coverage, normal TNC and CSMA are obsolete (in
ISS should be use dual-band, multiple channel and DAMA with a new
digital system.  This is a change that MICROSATs have started 8 years
ago and work ok.  On the ISS this system should be easily upgraded with
today's technology.  Digital mode aren't  the unique request for the
ISS station; voice is the most important followed by SSTV and ATV.
I think that a completely new approach for the use of ISS will be
mandatory, thus a discussion on the today's average of usable packets
is obsolete.  

Look at the AMSAT Italy web page for a proposed system


73 de IW3QBN, Paolo [AMSAT Italy]