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RE: I like internet/satelite idea!!!

I agree, Sir Carl, especially the point about the heated discussions!
We hams are sensitive, aren't we?

Here's my $0.02 to ponder:

When the moving picture was invented, people said that theatre would
become obsolete.  It didn't.
When sound recording was invented, people said live performers would be
out of a job.  Not so far..
Now the Internet is with us, and I hear people say that it's going to
make ham radio obsolete.  I don't think so.

The reason is simple - some people like to DO those things, not just SEE

I'm an avid web surfer, and I find the technology amazing, but I spend
most of my time on the net researching ham radio subjects.  I haven't
been disappointed yet!

73 to all
Phil Heath

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> From:	Sir Carl [SMTP:sircarl@echelon.ca]
> Sent:	24 June 1998 06:49
> To:	sarex@AMSAT.org
> Subject:	I like internet/satelite idea!!!
> Personnaly I like the idea!  packet radio is getting outdated. even
> with a 56.7kbps packet modem! which is overly complex and expensive.
> ive heard many ideas ranging from my favorite (a ETHERNET radio
> network running in the GHZ) to a new 56k packet network which is
> already outdated. I know many hams that would love an
> ethernet/satelite etc. radio network that could route them into the
> internet quickly (into the Megabits (T1 - T3)) for access time.
> Doppler shift COULD  be a problem yes. BUT if so many commersial
> satelites already use highspeed networks why cant we? AMSAT was
> created for a reason, to get amatures useing space technology. The
> internet was made origionally to send data back and forth en-masse.
> AMATURES are here to have FUN!!!!!  
> Furthermore why all these heated discussions? we have GHZ of band
> space!  if some hams only like cw thats great! data transmissions are
> crap on the bands that cw is most favored anyway. you like ssb? good
> for you yse ssb if you want. a Internet/Satalite etc link does not
> mean that you HAVE to use it because its their. I wont make you and
> neither will anyone else.
> Maby you dont like homebrewing your equitment, that makes you no less
> an amature. If we have people joining amature radio just because it
> will get them internet at MB speeds for a small fee every year great
> they will help us just be existing (for example saving our bands forpm
> commersial buyers)  
> Lets get our heads on straight
> 73's  VA3LGO
> VA3LGO@rocketmail.com <mailto:VA3LGO@rocketmail.com>