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R: MIR and ISS amateur radio


your Message is philosophically correct, but it doen't give a solution to
the problem.

>I disagree with alain's recommendation of making ISS radio difficult,
>exclusive, and expensive in terms of required equipment.

I just said to use a PSK modem (around 150-200$), or UHF (who is on the
amsat-bb mailing list have already UHF for sure...)

>This is a wonderful hobbie and everyone should be able to partake in
>the space based aspect of the hobbie.

If partake in the hobby for you means getting 10-15 busy flags i do agree
with you.

>I do agree that the MIR packet is wild but I think we should all calm down
>and reduce the qrm.
>Working the astronauts and cosmonauts is very exciting and popular.

Wild? Currently over Usa and Over Europe 90% of the data is useless (not
unuseful hi).
What do you think we could do to reduce this?
Just calming down is not a valid solution, so, what is your solution?

>Lets keep it simple and for everyone. I'll wait my turn. 73, Pat N2OEQ

Lets keep it for everyone. When it is so simple you will have to wait a
loooong time...
73 de Alain

Alain De Carolis IZ6BYY (ex IW6PBC)
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