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RE: I like Internet/satellite idea!!!

I've been monitoring this list server for some time now, silently, but now I've finally seen someone come forth and express not only a good idea, but an idea whose time has come.
I have had an interest in Amateur Radio for a long time, but being a Network Administrator for a fairly large National Corporate Network, I have had no time to obtain my amateur vhf / uhf license. Even though I have read the DOC study guides and know most of the theory because of my networking and Telco background. For this reason I have remained silent.
I have to concur with your point of view. If a network of amateur satellites could provide an MB Ethernet type link to the Internet for a annual fee, not only would this provide challenging "fun" for those in the "hobby" but it would attract many more potential technically proficient individuals to the cause. The Internet already provides a useful information backbone via ground based networks, but if it where available via satellite link many areas that are not currently connected at any reasonable speed / cost could could have a hope of connectivity.
I understand the "trill" of connecting to some distant user via the satellite, one one one, or the excitement of connecting to a BBS that is only accessible via a up / down link. But think the the challenge and euphoria of maintaining a stable and useable link to the global information infrastructure via satellite.
Amateur radio is far from dead, it only has to advance with the rest of the technological wave.
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Personnaly I like the idea!  packet radio is getting outdated. even with a 56.7kbps packet modem! which is overly complex and expensive. ive heard many ideas ranging from my favorite (a ETHERNET radio network running in the GHZ) to a new 56k packet network which is already outdated. I know many hams that would love an ethernet/satelite etc. radio network that could route them into the internet quickly (into the Megabits (T1 - T3)) for access time. Doppler shift COULD  be a problem yes. BUT if so many commersial satelites already use highspeed networks why cant we? AMSAT was created for a reason, to get amatures useing space technology. The internet was made origionally to send data back and forth en-masse. AMATURES are here to have FUN!!!!! 
Furthermore why all these heated discussions? we have GHZ of band space!  if some hams only like cw thats great! data transmissions are crap on the bands that cw is most favored anyway. you like ssb? good for you yse ssb if you want. a Internet/Satalite etc link does not mean that you HAVE to use it because its their. I wont make you and neither will anyone else.
Maby you dont like homebrewing your equitment, that makes you no less an amature. If we have people joining amature radio just because it will get them internet at MB speeds for a small fee every year great they will help us just be existing (for example saving our bands forpm commersial buyers) 
Lets get our heads on straight
73's  VA3LGO

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