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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 barbarian@technologist.com wrote:
> Sound like I'm bitter and upset? Yes I am. One simple question and my
> mailbox is flooded with hate email.
> Good bye ham radio.

Hate mail ? I don't think that anyone replied with hatred or bitterness,
just directly. And I have had the same problems as you with ham radio. 
As far as 2 meters is concerned, there is alot more going on than just
Mir. Check the Amsat home page for more info. And noone here has anything
against CB. Most people became CBers during the popularity craze of the
70's, long before cellular was viable. When the sunspot cycles opened up
propagation on 27 mhz, the AM heterodyne sigs were unbearable, and it
sounded to most of the new ops like everyone was talking over one another,
not realizing that most of the stations they could hear couldn't hear each
other. All they did was copy what they could only consider to be operating
practice, and that is the reason CBers operate like they do. Around the
time of this, the license restrictions were lifted fr CB radio. SO it
continued on in a course of natural progression. 

I have found in my travels that CBers often talk garbage on the air, sound
tough, make trouble, but are the nicest guys you'll ever meet in person. 
OTOH, hams are clear, concise, have sound operating practices, are
sticklers to the rules and always polite, and when you meet them in
person, you can't believe that that same $%&^*(#! is the guy you talk to
on the air. Such is life.

Don't sweat it, either way. But if I were you, I'd hold onto that ticket,
even if you never take another exam, upgrade, or do anything else again.
Operating ham radio is a privilege you had to earn. Sometimes it's not all
it's cracked up to be. But don't give it up. Otherwise, you admit defeat
to the people who made you miserable here in the first place. 

I'm a tech plus. I like to work HF 10M, and 2 meter packet. Rarely if ever
do I get on voice anymore. The two guys I did talk to most of the time
were on packet too. I leave the packet station up 24/7 running a terminal
program, so it runs even if the computer is down. Which means that I am
always around, and I know, deep down inside that that is pissing some
people off. Do I care ? It Id's every 10 minutes, and I guess they got
used to me by now. I hardly ever use mobile ham radio. When I do, it's
my HT I'm using. If you know of one or two guys that you like to talk to,
then find an out of the way repeater, and talk to them. If someone wants
to talk to you, let them find you. 

Whatever you do, don't quit. If it's bad and you know it, then ham radio
needs your presence. Remember, it's about advancement of the radio art.
And it sounds to me like alot of hams out there could stand some
advancement. You know you're probably right about it, and you know they
are wrong. If all the guys who care leave it behind, what will it turn
into ? These guys know just enough to be dangerous. Something does need to
be done about it. Start by setting a good example. 73 de Curtis, and if
I said something out of line, I'm sorry. Sometimes we play harder than we
should, but it is for a good cause. 

Curtis - kd4zkw