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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

What's the point? Why even try to connect to MIR to begin with? I love
packet radio, but I'm getting extremely discouraged with ham radio. I
couldn't get a connection (voice or packet) if my life depended on it. I
use it while traveling and I can get help faster with the CB than on 2m.
The local PBBS can't be connected to (25W into an 11 element beam to a
tower about 12 miles away). Why even have a license?

Eric N. Van De Weyer wrote:
> What's the point?
> The whole thing about the contacts with MIR was the ability to 'talk'
> directly to an orbitting object using one's own equipment, antennae and
> expertise. I have succeeded on several occasions with both MIR and several
> Shuttle missions over the years and always get a thrill from it as I have
> made the contact.
> It must be remembered that there is some skill involved which only makes
> the achievement more meaningful. I have often made many attempts on many
> passes before finally getting the contact or connect. It only makes the
> achievement sweeter when you have to work a bit more to do it.
> I realise that in some parts of the world there is going to be a lot more
> QRM than here in Sydney, Australia and in some there will be a lot less.
> Despite quite a number of attempts, I have never managed to get a voice
> contact with MIR, for instance, although I think I was heard once by Andy
> Thomas, someone else jumped in and got the contact. It's all part of the
> game.
> I suppose it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. I have found
> that non-amateurs are always fascinated by the fact that I can talk
> DIRECTLY to a spacecraft and I use it quite often when describing the
> fascination of Amateur Radio.
> I believe that this type of 'entry level' satellite operation does a lot
> for our wonderful hobby and should remail just that little bit ellusive.
> Anyone can pay their money and get on the internet, there's no achievement
> in that!
> 73....Eric VK2KUR
> barbarian@technologist.com on 21-06-98 23:58:14
> To:   sarex@AMSAT.org
> cc:    (bcc: Eric N. Van De Weyer/APG/AU/Unisys)
> Subject:  Internet/Satelite link?
> With all the fighting over connecting to MIR, why not make an uplink
> that can be connected to by the internet. Leave messages there and the
> next pass, all messages are uploaded and replies are downloaded.
> Reconnect to the web site to get your reply. This may cut down the QRM
> by making less connect requests recieved by the satelite.
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